Vista won’t turn off the monitor

I run Vista at home primarily for gaming purposes (and I like uTorrent). One of the problems I had with it lately was it not turning off the monitor when the power saving plan was supposed to. I would watch it try and turn off, but usually wouldn’t quite succeed. Eventually I determined the problem was having the screen saver set to activate at the same time the monitor was supposed to turn off. I set the screen saver to activate 1 minute earlier and everything is now working correctly.

Vista…and other things

I am now part of the wide world of people using Vista. This is not something I was particularly looking forward to, but I’m pretty sure it has progressed far enough that it will turn out all right. Also, I upgraded the core bits of my computer so I should have more than enough power for Vista to play with while leaving me plenty for all that oh so very important stuff that I do.

New components (Upgraded From):

  • AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core (AMD Athlon X2 3800)
  • AMD 4850 Radeon (Nvidia 7900 GT)
  • 4 GB GSkill DDR2 1066 (2.5 GB DDR 400)

Having 4 GB of RAM means that Vista can suck up about as much as it wants and I still have plenty to play TF2 or any of the other games of the moment.