OpenDNS kills Google

Yesterday I was having problems getting to Google. The rest of the internet worked fine, but I couldn’t connect to Google. It struck me as unlikely that Google would be down and check with Down for Everyone confirmed that it was just me.

After much digging and a bit of thinking, I discovered was not actually resolving to It was resolving to an OpenDNS service. Apparently they do some proxying of Google to make sure some of their advanced features keep working. To fix the problem, I just had to turn of the proxy and everything was golden.

To turn of the proxy:

  1. Login to OpenDNS
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Advanced Settings (the link is on the left)
  4. Turn of the proxy
  5. Enjoy

Adobe Air in Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04)

I just finished reinstalling Ubuntu 9.04 and was trying to install my air applications. Not terribly difficult…

  1. Download the installer from:
  2. Install ia32-libs
  3. Install lib32nss-mdns (from )
  4. Install your apps

I got stuck on the third step when I was going through things. I could install Adobe Air applications, but they had no network access. Installing that library corrected the problem.

Arch Linux

I decided that I would like to try a Linux distro that was less “do it all for you.” After consulting with the people I consult with on things like that, I decided to try out Arch Linux. So far I am pretty impressed. It is definitely a DIY distribution, but they have documentation to help you through just about everything.

I am running it on an Acer 5672 laptop. I will post here with possible problems I find and any solutions…

  • Special keys (Play/Pause, Stop, Volume, Mute, etc)
  • Card Reader
    • Run the following command: sudo setpci -s 09.0 4c=0x22
  • Webcam
    • Add gspca_vc032x to your modules list in /etc/rc.conf. You can also just modprobe it to test. If compiz is enabled, the picture will flicker unless you modify¬† your xorg.conf.
    • Section "Device"
      Option "VideoOverlay" "off"
      Option "OpenGLOverlay" "on"
      Option "TexturedVideo" "off"
  • No Automounting in Gnome
    • Make sure your /etc/fstab file does not contain entries for the cd/dvd drives. Removing those had it working immediately for me

PHP Script for Deleting Orphaned Images

The title for this sucks. But that is because it isn’t easy to concisely describe (in a title fashion) what the script does. Imagine you have a lot of pictures from a photo shoot in both tif and jpg formats. You pick out the jpgs you want to keep and delete the rest. You still have all the tifs and want to delete the ones without a corresponding jpg. This script will do that. It takes three arguments: directory to delete from, directory to base that on, and an optional backup directory to move instead of deleting.

If you want it to handle different extensions, edit the code where it says jpg and tif


< ?php $deleteFromDir = rtrim($argv[1], '/'); $basedOnDir = rtrim($argv[2], '/'); $backupDir = rtrim($argv[3], '/'); if(!empty($backupDir) && !file_exists($backupDir)){ if(!mkdir($backupDir)){ dir("Unable to create backup directory. Quitting\n"); } } $dh = opendir($deleteFromDir); if($dh){ while(false !== ($file = readdir($dh))){ if($file[0] != '.' && !empty($file)){ $info = pathinfo($deleteFromDir . '/' . $file); if($info['extension'] == 'tif' && !file_exists($basedOnDir . '/'. $info['filename'] . '.jpg')){ echo $file . "\n"; if(!empty($backupDir)){ rename($deleteFromDir . '/' . $file, $backupDir . '/' . $file); }else{ unlink($deleteFromDir . '/' . $file); } } } } }else{ echo "Unable to open $dir\n"; } [/sourcecode]

Ubuntu + Google Calendar

This is finally working for me in Intrepid Ibex (8.10). I am able to sync my desktop calendar with the google calendar without noticing that Evolution is involved. My primary goal was to get calendar events to show up in the clock/calendar dropdown in the top right corner (by default). To do this is actually pretty simple. In the settings for your Google calendar, copy the private ics link. Paste the link into the address bar and change the http(s) to webcal. Hit enter and it should prompt you to open it using evolution-webcal. Let it do that, answer the questions it asks and all should be good in the world.