So…the floods have finally cut us off from leaving the general area. Ellis is closed as it mostly just looks like part of the river now. We have a high road that leads out of the area through back roads and such. Basically we end up on O Ave. which would connect us to Edgewood […]


So…Cedar Rapids is currently experiencing record flooding. And it isn’t done yet. The Cedar River at Cedar Rapids has a flood stage of 12 feet. Meaning, once the river is above 12 feet, flooding is technically occurring. As I am writing this, the river is at 20 feet and rising. If  you’re interested, you can […]

It is time…

I have finally decided it is time to take my leave from the services provided by Livejournal and move into my own webspace. I have been considering this for quite some time as there are definite pros and cons to the move… Pros Customization: I can make my blog my own. Themes Plugins Widgets URL […]