What is in a name?

So…this site is 3dgo.net. You already know that as you’re here and that is the address. Long ago, that stood for 3 dumb guys online (the online part because 3dg was taken). It made sense at the time because there were three of us. Since then we have grown apart and there is currently just […]

Vista…and other things

I am now part of the wide world of people using Vista. This is not something I was particularly looking forward to, but I’m pretty sure it has progressed far enough that it will turn out all right. Also, I upgraded the core bits of my computer so I should have more than enough power […]


Twitter is one of those ideas that I originally was unable to understand. And while I still don’t fully appreciate it, I have started to understand why it has become as popular as it is. It is interesting to get little glimpses into the thoughts of people. Blogging is like that, but with blogs, entries […]

Flood Aftermath

The water finished falling a while ago and the massive cleanup effort had started even before the river was back to normal. And it will indeed be a massive cleanup. Most of the float houses suffered some kind of damage with many of them floating away and being extremely damaged/destroyed. Driving down the streets of […]

Current State of … Things

New Forecast: 32 Feet Current Level: 29.62 Feet Water Restrictions in effect Drinking only Cedar Rapids water treatment currently at 25% Water bottles have been filled Mandatory evacuation may or may not be in effect here Basically everyone within 1 block of current water level is ordered to evacuate…we may be there, but we are […]