Google Chrome

Everyone else is talking about it, so why shouldn’t I? Actually, that’s a terrible reason to talk about it, but I will anyways. As just about everyone who does anything with computers knows, Google has released a beta of their very own browser called Google Chrome. Currently the beta is only available for Windows, but […]

What is in a name?

So…this site is You already know that as you’re here and that is the address. Long ago, that stood for 3 dumb guys online (the online part because 3dg was taken). It made sense at the time because there were three of us. Since then we have grown apart and there is currently just […]

Vista…and other things

I am now part of the wide world of people using Vista. This is not something I was particularly looking forward to, but I’m pretty sure it has progressed far enough that it will turn out all right. Also, I upgraded the core bits of my computer so I should have more than enough power […]