Nexus One ADB on Ubuntu 9.10/Arch Linux

So I just spent the last hour trying to get the Nexus One and ADB to play nicely together on my machine. Finally it is working and here is how…


SUBSYSTEM=="usb|usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"
SUBSYSTEM=="usb|usb_device", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", ATTR{idProduct}=="4e12", SYMLINK+="android_adb"
SUBSYSTEM=="usb|usb_device", ATTR{idVendor}=="0bb4", ATTR{idProduct}=="0fff", SYMLINK+="android_fastboot"
sudo restart udev

This should allow any user in the plugdev group to use adb without sudo.

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11 replies on “Nexus One ADB on Ubuntu 9.10/Arch Linux”

  1. I love you, I went through like four tutorials and all of em assumed root privelleges when running ADB, FINALLY THIS WORKS!!! I HEART YOU!!!

  2. Hey, my idProduct is 4e11 not 4e12 – and I can’t get this to work. Is there something running or not running on my N1 that may be causing this difference?

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