Arch Linux

I decided that I would like to try a Linux distro that was less “do it all for you.” After consulting with the people I consult with on things like that, I decided to try out Arch Linux. So far I am pretty impressed. It is definitely a DIY distribution, but they have documentation to help you through just about everything.

I am running it on an Acer 5672 laptop. I will post here with possible problems I find and any solutions…

  • Special keys (Play/Pause, Stop, Volume, Mute, etc)
  • Card Reader
    • Run the following command: sudo setpci -s 09.0 4c=0x22
  • Webcam
    • Add gspca_vc032x to your modules list in /etc/rc.conf. You can also just modprobe it to test. If compiz is enabled, the picture will flicker unless you modify  your xorg.conf.
    • Section "Device"
      Option "VideoOverlay" "off"
      Option "OpenGLOverlay" "on"
      Option "TexturedVideo" "off"
  • No Automounting in Gnome
    • Make sure your /etc/fstab file does not contain entries for the cd/dvd drives. Removing those had it working immediately for me

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