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This is finally working for me in Intrepid Ibex (8.10). I am able to sync my desktop calendar with the google calendar without noticing that Evolution is involved. My primary goal was to get calendar events to show up in the clock/calendar dropdown in the top right corner (by default). To do this is actually pretty simple. In the settings for your Google calendar, copy the private ics link. Paste the link into the address bar and change the http(s) to webcal. Hit enter and it should prompt you to open it using evolution-webcal. Let it do that, answer the questions it asks and all should be good in the world.

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  1. best post EVER! There’s a lot of summeries out there but this is the one I was looking for and is the simplest since I never run Evoution but wanted the dates to appear in the calendar. Thanks!

  2. Evolution-webcal doesn’t show up in the list of options for opening a webcal link … any idea where to find it? (I’ve checked, it is installed)

    1. In my install it is located at: /usr/lib/evolution-webcal/evolution-webcal

      I can’t say for sure whether or not that will work for you though.

      Good Luck

  3. Is there a way to remove this (backing up /usr/lib/evolution-webcal/evolution-webcal and then removing, doesn’t work).

    1. When you’re looking at your calendar, click on the dropdown of that calendar’s name (should be on the left).

      Click Calendar Settings

      At the bottom there will be a collection of links. You want the private ICAL.

  4. good tip! Anyway, after choosing evolution-webcal, I keep getting the error message: “Error Loading the calendar , there was an error loading basic.ics”

    Any Ideas? Thankyou!

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