Google Chrome

Everyone else is talking about it, so why shouldn’t I? Actually, that’s a terrible reason to talk about it, but I will anyways.

As just about everyone who does anything with computers knows, Google has released a beta of their very own browser called Google Chrome. Currently the beta is only available for Windows, but they claim to be working on Linux and Mac versions as well. I sincerely hope this is the case as after using it for a while on both my work and home Windows computers, it seems to have great potential. Currently it has two major things going for it:

  1. It separates tabs into different processes. Thus, if one tab is being stupid, it doesn’t destroy the whole browser.
  2. It is fast. Not just any kind of fast though. Ridiculously fast. If you have the bandwidth to handle it, you will notice a huge increase in page render times.

There are other interesting things about it, but those two are the most pertinent for regular users.

Published by Brian

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