RainingSo…the floods have finally cut us off from leaving the general area. Ellis is closed as it mostly just looks like part of the river now. We have a high road that leads out of the area through back roads and such. Basically we end up on O Ave. which would connect us to Edgewood and the free world. However, O Ave. is on the 500 year fload plain and thus, the parts that let us leave are now underwater.

Carly and I went out at about 6:45 this morning to check it out. It was raining something fierce and we were driving through the regular road puddles that build up when that is the case. When we turned on to O Ave. it looked like just another one of those, but I rapidly discovered that I was drowning my car. The only reason I didn’t get stuck in the water and damage my car is because I turned around and drove on the sidewalk to get back.

We still have all of our utilities functioning normally for now, though we have been warned that we may lose electricity and gas service as decided by the Cedar Rapids Police Department. We spent some time yesterday getting non-perishable food stuffs and extra gas for the grill, so we should be fine overall.

I’m pretty sure that the water level guage on the Cedar River @ Cedar Rapids is not currently functional as it hasn’t been updated since 8:40 PM yesterday. At that time the river was at 22.38 feet and rising. With the rain we received this morning I expect it is now at about 23.5 feet, though that is purely an estimate. I am uploading yesterday’s pictures now and if we can, we’ll try and take some more pictures later today.

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