FloodingSo…Cedar Rapids is currently experiencing record flooding. And it isn’t done yet. The Cedar River at Cedar Rapids has a flood stage of 12 feet. Meaning, once the river is above 12 feet, flooding is technically occurring. As I am writing this, the river is at 20 feet and rising. If  you’re interested, you can see more up to date information here.

This kind of flooding is unprecedented for Cedar Rapids. The previous major flood was in 1993 and we have already passed that level. Roads are closing, parts of the town are being evacuated (some voluntary, some mandatory). Sandbagging is happening. And people are coming out to watch. Lots of people. It’s actually pretty neat.

I’ve never really seen flooding before moving out here. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, there really wasn’t anything that could flood. We didn’t have any large rivers. Sometimes the creek would get high, but that was nothing in comparison.

Earlier this year, as the winter snows melted, the river rose to just under 18 feet. Roads closed, but there was no other major impact. I thought that was neat though. I had never seen a river overflow its banks like that. This is completely different. Still very exciting, but definitely a good reminder of the amount of control we really have over things. Mother nature is not a force to get on the bad side of.

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